Client Testmonials

Un millón de gracias Laura


Es increíble gente que me conoce de antes no me dice nada y hasta muchachas mas jóvenes me quieren ligar.

El primer dia te confieso no quería yo salir de mi casa y ahora me la vivo afuera jajaja Ya le estoy agarrando la onda a esto y me siento muy bien nuevamente gracias Mi aprecio hacia ti Laura saludos a Richard


Hi Nancy, I wanted to let you know I've been wearing the system your team refurbished for me for about 3 weeks now and it looks fantastic!

Everything on it is perfect, color, hairline, wow! very nice. I wanted to thank you and your team for a job well done! much appreciated as I'm looking good once again. *;) winking


Dear Krish, I am Neison, who started enjoying the new style of Farrell hair system. You know this is entirely a great invention, to be honest each time I bath and comb and look at my face in mirror, I can't just believe it's something called a hair system. It's just looking like each hair is sprouting out through my scalp. Nothing can be made perfect beyond this. The lace is so thin and it's not at all felt like its attached.

Here in Kerala I was enjoying visiting my relatives and friends and no one can ever make out. The natural look that this system grants is great. As the sunshine passes through your scalp it's giving such a fresh hair look. Last day after getting my wavy curve hair straight, it's looking wonderful.

The tapes after almost a week is intact. Even after bathing twice a day I feel the tapes hold it secure. I am enjoying this. Thank you so much for the service. I am extremely happy to have this new outlook.

Thanks. Best regards Neison.

Dear mike, I just met Richard! It was absolute honor to meet him! He is extra ordinary.i have never met such a friendly and humble guy.i have become a huge fan! Laura is even so helpful and friendly. I wish I could model for him ;-)

I want to take this oppurtunity to thank you as well for making this dont know what it meant to me.keep up the excellent work! I wish u,Richard and laura the very best in life!

Best of luck! Thanks again!

hola laura
Te cuento, hace 20 dias que lo llevo colocado, la base es increible, hasta llegue a pensar que no tenia nada colocado, la cantidad de pelo es perfecta ( no tiene mucha cantidad lo que lo hace mas natural)


Buenos días Laura
Hace días que estoy por escribirte, agradezco mucho que tu lo hicieras primero.
Hasta ahora me estoy manejando a la perfección con el sistema, bastante conforme, sobretodo con la parte frontal del mismo, y la calidad del pelo utilizado por ustedes.
Lo único que me ha sido diferente es el tema del pegamento de la misma parte frontal, ya que tu sabes que tenía años manejándome con tapes, pero precisamente esa parte es lo que permite que sea más natural.
Cualquier cosa nos mantenemos en contacto por esta vía.
Te agradezco de nuevo que me escribieras, y el excelente trato recibido por todos ustedes en mi visita a su oficina en Los Angeles.

Lic. Víctor Hugo...

Hi Mike
Had a great cut-in with Richard last week - hair is looking great!


Good evening Mr Farrell,

My experience with your company has been pleasurable. I thank you so much for working with me; I am more pleased with the result of the recent service especially the texture.

Thanks again Me Farrell, I am applying/removing with more confidence.


Dear Krish,

This is my first journey in Hair replacement and I chose to start with Farrell – no doubt I chose the best (as I understand it now). I was filled with anticipation since the day I placed my order till the day (a little more than a month) of actually putting it on (26 March 2013) – I had a lot of questions and doubts in mind. I had more negative anticipation as the information / feedback surrounding the topic of hair replacement starting from what is available over the internet to word of mouth were not convincing. Still, I decided to go with Farrell due to few strong reasons – the courteous / friendly staff at Bangalore center – they answered all my queries with patience, the awesome videos on YouTube from Richard Farrell himself being hands-on with few of his clients – it was impressive as no other company in this field provided that much insight into their products, services and makeover sessions.

More on the Bangalore center – to start with will be Vinod. Excellent person and with skills to match what he says. I am very impressed with the hair cut he has provided me and tailored it to my needs - a style that has no particular hair partition and something that I can manage with minimum combing and do it up mostly with my fingers. On the first day he was very convincing about what he was going to sell plus he was very open about the features of the system. Subhas – the handyman, knowledgeable in what he does and a great person too. I have learnt a lot from him on how to take care of the system, do and don'ts. He's indispensible. Meera – friendly, good front office interaction.

The system feels great to wear – actually, I don't feel I am wearing anything until I remind myself of it or when I look at my full head of hair in front of the mirror. Perfect is all that I can say J I have decided to continue with Farrell as the product is great, the interaction with Bangalore center is awesome and there's a lot of comfort working with them. They are professionals and yet friendly. This is what I wanted.

I will continue to order for Farrell products and with time want to have quite a few systems for myself sporting different styles – Farrell systems are something to boast of! I already have placed an order for one more system and look forward for it to be a great and a better product than the current one – I should be receiving it in another 2 months from now – it was placed on normal order.

Last but not the least, I have watched all available videos casting Richard and I am very impressed by his skill, dedication on the subject of hair systems, styling, marketing techniques and the product.

I would like to personally thank him if I get a chance or if you can help create that chance for me. You could also provide me with his email address – I would love to write to him about my first experience.

Vinod and Subhas - this was a dream come true and I just can't thank you guys enough. I look forward to a great association with both of you.

Thanks to Farrell systems – I look good and I feel great inside - I really mean it when I say that I do feel so.

Thank You.

Hey Richard & Laura

Many of my concerns/issues with the system were just 'absolved' today.

After almost a year of using solely the tape adhesive on the entire perimeter of the system, I watched Richard's training video on the new customer support site. I decided to try the liquid adhesive methods, and I tried both the Adhesion and Super 6X formulas.

What a huge freakin difference!! No more embarrassing visible tape/shine along the hairline and part, a much more relaxed, natural, free style, feel and look. This is definitely the best attachment method for this light system.

Thanks again--just had to share!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Richard & Laura--

Just this afternoon I had the chance to spend some time and try out my new unit for the very first time. And in very simple terms:

I REALLY love it! Thank you!

Seriously, you did an AMAZING job with it, Richard. And the handicap of you having to cut it in without me present obviously did not hinder your talent and abilities in the slightest.

It's such a good feeling to have something "back on top" that makes me confident about the way I look and can present myself to the world.

And so, once a gain, Richard, many, MANY thanks for a job truly well-done.

Wishing you continued success...



Hello. It's been about six months since I've been wearing my system and I wanted to give you some feedback. I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my system. I am thrilled. I really am. It's everything you said it was going to be and more. I'm a very private guy, and even did it now as you know having a lot of hair still left so it would be a seamless transition, and it was. I love the system. It works 100 percent perfectly for me. It took a bit to get it right as I like it thinner than it arrived but it is now perfect. I have had only one person say something about it and he was a bald guy I know and he was kind of a jerk to be honest and that was in week one when it was a tad thick but no one else has said anything other 'hey you look great' or younger or whatever.

My point is that there are very few things in life that live up to a sales pit ch and you did and I wanted to commend you. It is just like you purported it to be on the web and in person when I saw you.

I also want to say that your staff and your place is wonderful. The woman at the front desk are so nice, and warm, The rest of your staff have been spot on, and amenable to my nuttiness and schedule changes and whatever, and I love how private and relaxing the visits are.

So, that's it. I just wanted you to know how thrilled I am in a confidential note. It is just want I wanted and I look forward to a long association with you guys owning my head.

Now if I could just get you to come up to Coney Dog for a hot dog with your beautiful wife sometime.

All the best, Richard,

I hope that you are well?

I'm absolutely delighted with my Farrell system and am wearing my hair in styles I never believed would be possible (and certainly weren't with the inferior systems I was used to).

Please will you book a slot for me to meet-up with Richard again during his stay in London from 28th - 30th June,

Best Regards

Hi Laura,

I am completely, totally in love with the systems and all the products. I have had the most wonderful feedback. People are blown away to learn that this is not growing out of my head. And I happily give them all the info to follow up. Hopefully, some of them have.

For the most part, I haven't had need to come into the office as I have a woman who cuts my hair. I do and will continue to come in for the normal maintenance on the pieces but they are really holding up very well so it is probably only a few times a year that they will need any real attention.

Richard has done an amazing job and I am just thrilled.If you guys need me for anything, let me know.

Jason Alexander


Hope all is good! Thank you once again for all your efforts, work, and creative energy that went into making my first Farrel hair system a reality. Your cut-in work with me on April 5 was completely satisfactory. As I said when I left, you are truly an artist.

I wore the system everyday for the rest of my brief visit to L.A., and felt like a new man wherever I went. Now that I'm back home, I can't wait to see the reaction I get from friends (old & new). I'm sure it will enhance my confidence and self image immensely.

Thanks also for the video. It wiil be very helpful as I experiment with the tapes & adhesive, and the removal procedure and shampooing procedure.

I look forward to working with you & Richard in the future - when the need for supplies arises - and/or the need for refurbishment or maintenance arises.

Thanks again for all that you & Richard do. Have a great weekend and great Spring 2012!

Best regards

Hi Laura
How are you ?
I am really loving my hair. It's been thoroughly tested in Spain as it's been really's been great...cant remember the last time I didn't have to worry about my hair flying off !! LOL

Kind regards

Hi Laura,

I just want to say a huge thank you for my new hair.

I'm so pleased I would go as far as saying it has changed my life. It's so nice to be looked at for looking attractive for a change. I've even had a few wolf whistles!

Thanks again, Fiona

Hi Karla,

I just wanted to let you know that I was finally able to wash and have cut the system you took care of for me. I wanted to express my gratitude again. The density was perfect the color beautiful. I truly appreciate your support and respect when it comes down to listening to detail of my systems. Thank you again. I will be sending my other system in shortly and we will touch base regarding that one.Have a great day!


Hi Laura

Thank you for your kind reply,much appreciated. How is everything, I am sure you are very busy, another week and you will have the rest you need.

London is getting cold & people are all over the place rushing around for their shopping. I love it when Christmas come , the streets get empty & the prople are all gone home, to celebrate Christmas with their families. So the 5 Star Hotels offer most of their rooms half price because they get empty & need clients. I don't know if we will have snow this year but

Amal Abou Hassan